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I am a rebel poet; individualist and writer of philosophical, spiritual, mythological and sometimes erotic poetry. All life concerns the will …my altar is my life’s hearth; my words but dedication to the stories of old, the archetypes of our own nature and to the power which we alone exercise for ourselves on the path to enlightenment.

A graduate of social science, I am a qualified teacher who has been writing poetry for around 17 years. I started very much on the performance scene but discovered that it held as many limitations as the art-form written. I try and embrace both approaches in my work.

A mixture of armchair philosophy, cynicism, realism coupled with the need for my own realization and illumination led me to my current path. I hold often a contradictory outlook, for a poet is also enriched by the stories of old, as well as outraged at the many who accept the characters involved at face value. I believe that the archetypes, perhaps we might call them Gods in our own age, were to the ancients, a reflection of themselves; they understood this better than many who continue to worship the old Gods today. To the ancients, each could aspire to be superman, something Nietszche condensed in his many contributions to the understanding of this world. Not all of them – and in my own view a great number of those men and women – chose not to be slaves to the idiocy that is faith. Faith is oft dogmatic…

I sometimes ask myself what led a once idealistic smile for mankind to fall back on an individualist stance? Well, experience has taught me a number of things, namely nature doesn’t care however many times you prance around the Maypole; that the commune is a figment, a distillation of many many individuals and their pipe dreams and that people’s individual power becomes diluted when they allow the group purpose to dictate. We live in an era of false heroes, popular idols who have become the new deities, unworthy and skin-deep.

I will use the analogy of a body of water (or air for that matter). Everything that is which makes us individuals, or not, is found here; religion, spirituality, philosophy, politics and beyond and much like a child that begins in this world as a true individual we swim those waters (or pluck from the air) a myriad of different ideas which develop us.

However, much like education and the limits we unwittingly place on children when we reach a certain point, we stop plucking from the abyss – whether water or air – and decide either through the need to be a part of and/or the fear of freedom, to belong of something which speaks to us. This is where I believe the role of the group comes into play and ‘we’ essentially finish…it’s not that we don’t learn anymore but that the parameters have been set. Noteworthy of course, is the fact that it took the will of the individual to assimilate these ideas in the first place.

But I will not disintegrate myself back into that which I willed so hard as a child to navigate through, retaining my potency as opposed dispersing it.

I’ve learnt that people hide behind their politic, become embroiled in ‘how bad things are’ whilst failing to look at themselves for any answers alongside societal issues. I wish to fulfill my own potential; to be both accepting, and merciless in equal measure in my application, handling and understanding of the world and the people I meet, according only to how they meet with me.

When ‘Mother Nature’ ordained it such that my youngest child nearly lost his life to a condition that only contemporary science could cure, I could so easily have given up studying aspects of the past through the literature of the Roman poets and the Greek tragedians. Yet life and progress – Apollonian traits – can be found in any age alongside their own shadow.

The ancients understood only too well the importance of Man into an equation that nature would otherwise have solely dictated. I am a part but also apart…

In this day, at this moment, I propel myself forward into the abyss where small torches, small specks of isolate light, will illuminate all the surrounding darkness. I have been lucky enough to have been involved in two projects including a section of poems in Songs of the Black Flame edited by Diane Narraway and published by Black Moon in 2017 and short fiction in the Blessed Trinity: Dark Fantasy for Twisted Minds also published in 2017, edited by Laurie Pneumatikos and published by Dark Moon.

Hail Phosphoros !

1st January 2018

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