21st Century Stream (2)


Recently in school, we were asked as members of staff to contribute toward the ethos values. I fought very hard for and won ‘thoughtfulness’ as one of those six words.

But such is synchronicity and the state-of-it-all, a key figure of the narrative has become just that –thoughtfulness.

I take Year 2 (aged 6-7) class for RE on Thursdays and the scheme asks us to look at kindness from a Christian perspective which is something I don’t mind doing. The story of the Good Samaritan illustrates the nature of human goodwill toward a 3rd party who has not injured us, and thus it underlies an attribute of human kindness so at odds with the notion of ‘turning the other cheek.’

There has been too much turning of the cheek, hasn’t there? As if all sin could somehow disintegrate into some sponge or whirlpool of faith, sucked in like a million abuser-priests’ excuses of shame and degeneracy. It’s all okay, you’re a fucking pervert but confession will see you through the other side anyway. This is our sacred mechanism, our holy get-out clause.


Blame it on the whore of all mankind – the devil. The rest of us do.



Just a great shame that ‘the devil’ is so culture specific as to make him meaningless, not even remotely supernatural in a cool gothy kind of way.

Nah. I won’t take the ‘turn the other cheek’ method when it comes to poor behaviour. Children should not be told to love and be kind unconditionally; to accept the degrees of shit they face without some decoding, some rewording, some initiative which says I AM WORTH.



I will not turn the other cheek and play kindness like some doll even after you have misbehaved, toward me.  I will reserve my compassion for the beggar I meet on the road to Jericho who was never a cunt in the first place. That poor soul never gave me cause to employ the node that is ‘thoughtfulness’.

But you, you on the other hand, you misbehaved and so I’m going to give you the cold shoulder and when you can prove to me that you can behave in a mutually beneficial sort of way, then I will be your Samaritan.

This will be my narrative

© Sam R Geraghty



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