forest sunset Yuli Clever.jpg
Yuli Klever

I close my eyes, next to a stream

and in this secret place I dream

of sun-drench, bright rays beating

between the scores of copper beech

leaves bestowed autumn’s floor

…yet I am awoken from my sleep

blessed better perhaps I was before

mine eyes were shown a truer face

no longer held in light of day,

great change hast come upon me.


woods used b4 (2).jpg

There is no more

that stream which ran beside

but an open vein

slit in the silence of the night,

for I am surrounding

the drought which turned me

along this lonely strait

as I wander

outcast into this parallel realm

I know I must find the river

for it once housed life;

potent gush of breathing blood

now barren and dry awaiting…

Yaroslav Gerzhedovic

…the deluge through the rush gates

spilled unto me and forever

you are the incoming tide

and I am the empty vessel

full to the hilt at the fang


I adore you

and drink of

your waters into me.


© Sam R Geraghty 2016

psychic vamp 3.jpg
Jarek Kubicki


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