Like a star that struck its chord…

I am sent downstream

to where, God knows, I came from

like a flower with a dead face –

a virgin alone, baptized in holy immolation,

soaking are the petals of my unfulfilled disgrace…

and placed bare, naked is my soul.


Michael Madurino.jpg
Michael Mandurino


My eyes and heart relinquish –

the sullied wine and bitter salts

I passed for the sweetness of the vine

where hate made a friend of love

and the father is a bastard in a cloak.

As the rally bells chime, their stagnant call

for that same want of glory, bereft…



I, being of nature, shy pilgrim,

commit through the pastures of doubt,

past the valleys of the cheat

I crawl head-first with unborn feet,

to find my soul is caged and my truth is frozen;

where next should I drag my ideal?





To the world below, where I shall leave behind

all wretched illusion, my sad ordeal

and become as a Goddess, fallen from the sky

to a place of no return.


by Polyvore


The keeper of the gate asked seven times of me

to strip each layer at seven separate doors

to reach the Queen of the Dead, Ereshkigal;

my crown, rings and beads and toggle-pin,

my girdle of shining lights, my bangles

along with the garment of my body were bared,

for such are the rites of a mistress of the Earth.

I become more like stone, as I surrender

each robe around my body

for when my own time has come,

I shall turn into stone like those immortalized

become, with eyes that show depth

and harbour the deep well that is the abysm,


abyss by.jpg
Chris Morey

from punishment

I delved down to sixty strokes of despair;

a prisoner of my own volition

I suffered there, before my brethren star –


Asu-shu-namir – let my heart breathe

and seduced that She-devil with the waters of his life,

before my return made me drink of the same,

and the seven stages of the Goddess were mine to reclaim

and I returned to walk the soil, to Ea’s delight –

a daughter of sin determined


The Burney Relief.jpg
The Burney Relief

I who would give to the Earth, severed from the soil,

through the tunnels deep down into the caves

I became

She who belongs to the Earth, Ishtar

for the strength of Her flame.


© Sam R Geraghty


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