Faust I and II

Heinrich Heine


There came a time in the distant past

when I crossed the bridge…

exactly when I do not know

for all great change along the river

resounds as often, unmarked;

yet before resumed was my quest,

aside my incurable thirst

my heart would stop

gazing the river’s depth,

where no water could flow, I hurried

across the quicksilver at my own behest.



A figment of mind met the other side

perhaps as much an alluring state,

some contract it became nonetheless.

And for all of my science, I did not see this

ablaze in my temple, a willing priest

to my own high power, becoming

all that I once deemed great,

I aspired to derange,

twist the serrated edge of my will;

entice the chance and bring colossal

possibility to mine shores…


Harry Clarke.png
Harry Clarke

For Faustus can do such things

when promises made are broken

doctrines and former philosophies betrayed

in favour of conjurations, illusion

and manipulating cause

toward whichever end I please.


Franz Simm

These strings I pluck, those things I see

rare garments undressed at the wag of my will

from the finger of fate and the spear

of destiny that led to a shake of a hand

with the devil – Mephisto – Satan’s man,

in confluence I bettered my black art,

in pact…but already damned.




Helen, I see your magnificence

your beauty before the ruins of Troy,

fantastic is the illusion!


Helen and Menelaus

What great magic parts the veil…


Between our ages the devil built a bridge

made of bricks and fickle promise

that will crumble come the time.

For you must think me a fool –

I, usurper of science and son to alchemy

could woo your honest devotion.


Unknown 16th Century John Dee

I know this pact rejects every heart

for knowledge, She is

cold companion suffered alone;

you and your true love knew how long

your fires would burn before the walls were breached

as my own limit is reached.


Artist unknown

Borne of my folly, I believed it was your grace

I sought, but before me was a ghost

clothed in the cinders of a naked Empress

as the stars all turn to stone.


© Sam R Geraghty


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