Hans Baldung Grien

Come close to me, dear, come closer,

betwixt the claws of the tree

In the embrace of rose-fingered dawn,

Before all nature falls, we shall hearken to our own.


Come, first to me in your thoughts. I wait

Below, in regions shown by those most intimate,

Given such power by He that knows His lustful art…

Of lips; caress and eyelash fold

Down in bliss to nourish that which lives within


Come closer. Relish the harmony. Eat of me here.


© Sam R Geraghty


will Blake.jpg
William Blake


#poetry #new-age #occult #philosophy #garden-of-Eden #satanic #serpent #sexuality #devil #art #William-Blake #renaissance #German-renaissance #paganism #spirituality #esoteric #satanism #consciousness #religion

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