The Boy as Old as the Hills – a Paean for Dionysos

black sun by.jpg
Artist unknown

This man’s eye, this body once was cast

in heavier stone for the sighs

of age which took the fire and shine,


when petals which belonged to a younger face

took a hold, he became a child again

so playful nearer death than the womb.


He smiled at the rays of the sun,

he’d listened always to the silence of the moon,

lit fires that burnt so beautifully fierce…




And when the compression of his own time began;

all who once were, were there with him,

like a boy on a throne, liminal


masked between the worlds

as the river is devoured

beneath the surface where it flows


Yaroslav Gerzhedovic (?)

he becomes

full of the tale being swallowed

into the arms of eternity…


He is present

then He is gone

dimorphos – dismembered




Born twice

between the paradox

on the outskirts,


wild bull of Crete –

I rave in this initiation, this death

this transformation…




I am mild before the frenzy

my drum beats endless –

a dithyramb lost then found


in the fragments

handed down from antiquity

Dionysos ! carver of will ecstatic !




you, spirit of two worlds facing

opposite players of laughter and tear

hidden so much as honoured..


let the wine intoxicate

under the moon and the sun

and the two Gods breathe into one.


© Sam R Geraghty


#paganism #mythology #Greek #new-age









© Sam R Geraghty


#poetry #classical #mythology #paganism #spirituality #heathenism #greek #newage #witchcraft #dionysos #neopaganism


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