The Undefeated

In darkness found me

a rhythm to resonate,

all light to the Eye; now I behold the Sun

and the moon in my grasp,

seeing, embracing each whisper

I deliver the tremor, the power

from that which is caught in mine own mortal hands.

Head Odysseus MAR Sperlonga.jpg
Head of Odysseus from a sculptural group representing Odysseus blinding Polyphemus

They stand the undefeated,

as spirit as much as man

but flesh and blood the same,

for in their veins the ocean

that thwarts so many a sail

is read in the palm of each their hand;

destined toward the shore…

File:Hoplites fight Louvre E735.jpg
Hoplites fighting. Detail from an Attic black-figure hydria, ca. 560 BC–550 BC.

a sextant, in each man a mind;

a principle, to each his heart

this is his destiny, this desolate wild

on the path from the sea,

to the steppes, to the mountains alone,

where he sleeps another thousand years

to understand the question

and much more to know.

Image result for Yaroslav gerzhedovich
Yaroslav Gerzhedovic

For every rivulet, each statue fond

which stands his epithet,

his monument to deeds now done

is a fountain where the children play


for they know there is something else

so beautiful and vast…

© Sam R Geraghty

Image result for yuli klever
Yuli Klever


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