Paean for Hekate


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Hekate by David S. Herrerías


Mighty Hekate, Mistress of your spheres

liminal dame of the pathways, Enodia

between the heavy darkness and the dawn

between day and night


in peace and savage war, guide the fallen


saffron-cloaked you lead us through the passages

from life to death


and death-to-life immortal


Queen of Stars, breath of heaven



perhaps you are Venus,

saviour of Byzantium


at midnight’s roads,

Hecuba we may hear

in those places chosen our destiny,

barking fear,

now gathering is the mist…

death’s sentinel, o’er the unjust slain

upon contested sands

perfumed now they walk with the Dame,


the hounds low echo

as the incense writhes in your name

Anatolian one –

fair heathen of beast-heads’ –

a bull, a snake, a black-bitch, a mare

each of them the pathways

mobbed like the Furies at their own junction –

death eternally between…

a dying into life, of the moment

you are attendant-divine

at the crossroads of potential,

bearing torch, which way…


© Sam R Geraghty

Artwork: by David S. Herrerías


Image result for Hekate


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